Welcome to my website!

  • I’m an applied environmental economist focusing on two major environmental issues, ambient air pollution and climate change.

  • I’m currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), based at Misum. I’m also affiliated with SSE’s Department of Economics.

  • I am on the 2022-2023 job market, and I will be available for interviews at the EEA 2022 and the ASSA 2023 meetings.

  • My current research agenda has two angles. In a first angle, I investigate the cost of air pollution and the causal impact of climate and environmental policies, with an emphasis on health, productivity and distributional effects. My Job Market Paper examines the causal effect of acute exposure to air pollution on worker absenteeism and firms’ sales. In a second and more early-stage angle, I study the effects of social norms and identity on environmental outcomes and support for environmental policies.

  • I completed my PhD in economics at the Paris School of Economics (PSE) and CIRED in July 2021, co-advised by Prof. Katheline Schubert (PSE, Paris 1) and Prof. Philippe Quirion (CIRED, CNRS).

  • My PhD dissertation was awarded the Best Doctoral Dissertation Award by the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists and the 1st Prize of the PhD Award in Economics by the Chancellerie des Universités de Paris.

  • You can find my cv here.